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  • Bath salts are cosmetics used both in beauty centers and spas and at home for hot baths against stress and tension.
  • Sea salt is obtained by evaporation of sea water and subsequent washing and purification operations.
  • In addition to being composed of sodium chloride, the salt contains appreciable quantities of iodine, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements.
  • The use of bath salt must be considered as an adjuvant cosmetic treatment in the context of a healthy lifestyle characterized by a balanced diet and a good level of physical activity.
  • To use them, simply fill your tub with hot water and add three or four tablespoons of bath salts to it.
  • The effect of the heat of the water enriched with scented and colored bath salts helps to create a situation of total relaxation, relaxing the muscles and removing the stress accumulated during the day.
  • The pleasantness of its unisex fragrance is given by a perfect mix of green tea and bergamot, a brilliant balance of fresh and woody notes:

HEAD NOTES: Orange, bergamot, lemon

HEART NOTES: Floral notes, geranium

BASE NOTES: Thyme, cardamom, sweet woods, nutmeg

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