Marie Danielle presents Amenities at Home and share its expertise from hotel to home.

Marie Danielle hotel amenities are not "just" the usual courtesy products found in hotel rooms . They are much more, they are the Essence of emotions, as the company's claim tells.

To give emotions, they are studied and created with a lot of passion in the creative laboratory using patented formulations. Its projects combine the design of the packaging, the first thing you notice, the quality of the content prepared with selected ingredients of vegetable origin, strictly 100% Made in Italy. This is how collections are created to seduce your senses thanks to refined fragrances and very pleasant textures, caresses on the skin.

For this reason, Marie Danielle's hotel amenities are loved by all hotel guests. Women, men, Italian or international, traveling for business or pleasure. It does not matter. The vast majority of them report positive comments directly to the hotel and have the desire to buy them. But in the hotel this is not possible. So, as soon as he has the opportunity, the guest writes directly to the company to check how to order them.

It is from this need and, from the many requests received in recent years, that we created Amenities at Home ( ), a company of the Marie Danielle group aimed at the retail sector.

Marie Danielle has consolidated an experience of over 40 years in the hospitality sector and today, broadens its expertise by transferring it from the hotel to the home.

But at home we can devote more time to do those things we normally can't do, such as having good time for ourselves. Among these, greater body and hair care.