2020 is now coming to its end ... and many of us may say: "Finally!"

It was a difficult, different year, in which we all had to invent and get used to a new normality that is not so normal but which is now part of everyday life.

In this very particular moment in which stress and worry affect psychophysical well-being it is more important than ever to take care of yourself.

A nice hotel, possibly with a Spa attached, would have been THE solution for many: take refuge in a place away from the daily routine, where

In any respectable Spa the atmosphere is always magical and relaxing. Ample space for soft lighting, music, warm and enveloping towels, scented candles and diffusers of essential oils with relaxing scents such as lavender, Ylang Ylang, cypress and basil to obtain that calming and beneficial effect on the psyche , which only aromatherapy can offer.

You can't say SPA without a self-respecting body ritual!

After a nice relaxing bath with perfumed salts, with which, hopefully, negative thoughts and stress will go away , the body becomes the protagonist: exfoliating scrub to be applied with circular movements from the bottom up to stimulate circulation and a nourishing and firming cream for a complete wellness effect.

Interesting proposal, also ideal as a Christmas gift , is the Gerard's one, a made in Italy company with 50 years of experience and passion in the SPA sector and functional and modular cosmetics.

With the Fruit Shake Skin Food Body Ritual kits and Creamy Smoothie - Moisturizing Treatment you can finally have a complete body treatment at home with a guaranteed well-being effect.

With a nice and captivating packaging, ideal as a gift, the Fruit Shake Skin Food Body Ritual kit is an exclusive multi-sensory body ritual that includes 3 products

THERMAL GOMMAGE - SMOOTHING BODY SCRUB WITH OLIGOELEMENTS THERMAL, a creamy and soft scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes dull and rough skin. Inside there are walnut microgranules , which remove keratinized cells and they smooth the thickened areas, thermal trace elements and Aosaine seaweed with a high emollient and elasticising action and Goji berry extract to protect the skin from attack of free radicals and rehydrate it.

FRUIT TOPPING - RED FRUIT ANTIOXIDANT BODY GEL , a fruity body gel that exploits the antioxidant synergy of Goji berries, remineralizing of the Ur grape sina and anti-aging of black grapes.

LULUR - YOGURT FOR COSMETIC USE , a 100% natural yogurt, with a fresh and exotic fragrance, very rich in calcium, vitamins A, B, lipids and proteins, which gives the skin energy and vitality, hydration and nourishment, freshness and elasticity , helping to rebalance physiological PH and soothe phenomena of excessive dryness, such as flaking and irritation.

Same packaging also for the Creamy Smoothie - Moisturizing Treatment that offers:

THERMAL GOMMAGE with an exfoliating and moisturizing action for smooth, compact and soft skin

INSTANT GLOW CREAM, special nourishing and illuminating body emulsion, delicately scented with vanilla with:

  • honey, the perfect ally to combat dryness and cracking of the skin thanks to its natural and effective emollient, protective and nourishing action
  • lactobionic acid, a delicate exfoliant that helps eliminate the typical greyness of the winter period, favoring cell renewal and giving new brightness to the skin
  • centella which performs a restructuring action on the skin, improving its tone and elasticity
  • rice starch with its rebalancing action
  • vitamin C which gives brightness to the skin and has a protective and antioxidant action and

CREAMY SMOOTHIE , A special cosmetic cream with vanilla notes for an ultra cuddle nourishing and velvety, ideal for particularly dry skin.

Thanks to Gerard's and Marie Danielle, even today the SPA is not a dream!

Article by Roberta Riccioni

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