Hands tell who we are

Hands don't lie.

Women's hands tell their life. They are their business card. It is from them, from the hands, that a woman is known. A good enamel can make them look better, but they still don't lie.

The manicured nails, sometimes fake, colored, decorated, can say a lot: a woman with no frills will have simple nails while another, more attentive to fashion and personal embellishment, will color and the chosen color will speak for you.

The hands show the time that has passed. They age with together with the face but there's no make up for them.

I t is said that the true age of a woman can be fully understood by looking at her hands . For this reason, neglecting them and engaging above all in the care of your face , is definitely the wrong choice!

Although aesthetically very important hands are, in most cases, one of the parts of the body to which less attention is paid, although they are subjected to a very large amount of stress !

Skin spots, dryness and abrasions are on the agenda: it is therefore essential to adopt a good beauty routine to have hands always at the top.

And there is nothing to do: to have cover hands, cream is essential!

It must be a moisturizing and nourishing cream, which also has a protective action. The ideal is to use it at least twice a day, in the morning (even better if before leaving the house) and in the evening. This is because most creams leave a protective veil on the hands that acts as a barrier and defends them from factors such as pollution, cold, wind and sun.

But how do you choose a good hand cream? The choice is rather subjective, as it varies according to your needs.

Among the main aspects to take into consideration is the texture: in the morning it's better to have a fluid and light one for a quicker absorption without leaving annoying residues on the skin, while for the evening it must be full-bodied, nourishing to carry out an intense shock treatment during the night.

Another aspect not to be underestimated is the composition of the product: better to opt for creams based on natural ingredients and with a neutral PH, which respect the skin and cares deeply.

The large family of Amenities @ Home offers a wide range of hand creams and lotions, meeting every need and ensuring the naturalness of the ingredients and a safe result for all skin types.

beONE Moisturizing Hand Cream.

A rapid absorption cream designed for those who do not like the greasy effect on the skin but do not want to give up having soft and silky hands. Pleasantly scented, its formula is enriched with almond oil, vegetable glycerin and vaseline and is perfect in this period of first cold for prevent redness and dehydration, deeply protecting the skin from external aggressions.

BOTANICA nourishing hand cream

The BOTANICA line is inspired by the properties of plants and flowers, is made without parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, dyes and mineral oils. It owes its extraordinary emollient and strengthening properties to a formulation composed of natural extracts of Monoi and Tiare oil originating from the island of Tahiti.

OLIVA' hand and body lotion
A soft emulsion for hands and body , moisturizing, light, suitable for those who prefer an easily absorbed product.

The composition is based on organic olive oil extracts which, thanks to its natural nourishing and emollient properties, leaves the skin soft, hydrated and pleasantly scented.

Elixir d'Argan Hand and body emulsion

A delicate emulsion for the body and hands, moisturizing and soft, which thanks to the emollient and toning properties of the biological extracts of Argan oil performs a profound action anti-age.

Article by Roberta Riccioni

ph Massimo Tramontana

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