Extreme temperatures and climate change are the greatest enemy of our skin.

But how to protect it from the cold and its dangers?

The winter cold tends to cause a contraction of blood vessels , negatively affecting circulation. The skin receives less oxygen and less nutrients, which must be compensated for by a adequate skincare regimen .

What are the changes in the winter skincare routine? Everything, more or less. Starting from cleansing to hydration, especially now that we are increasingly forced to live at home or in closed spaces. In fact, it has been proven that artificial heating inside and increasingly rigid temperatures outside generate real thermal shocks that are deleterious for the most sensitive skin and often cause sensitization episodes. This is why, in addition to being moisturizing and nourishing, the treatments to be included in the winter skincare routine must also be delicate, soothing and repairing.

The very first action to prepare the skin for the cold is to choose a cleansing with delicate formulations but capable of deeply cleansing, which helps to preserve the hydration of the skin and its natural barrier.

To help maintain lipid balance and skin hydration , a product is recommended. moisturizing and nourishing with natural ingredients that create a barrier and anti-aging effect.
Don't forget lips which, having a thinner skin, easily dehydrate in winter causing the classic and annoying cracking.

 Biancamore line

An interesting novelty in the vast panorama of leather products is represented by the line Biancamore .

Born in 2013, it is a line of natural beauty products , made with buffalo milk. These are dermatologically tested products, without parabens, nickel tested and 100% made in Italy that contain antioxidant and anti-aging principles to make the skin soft and protect it from external agents.

It is an extremely complete line, which starts from cleansing to hydration of the face and lips.

FACE CLEANSER WITH BUFFALO MILK designed specifically for those who want a delicate but at the same time effective and deeply moisturizing solution. Thanks to its fresh formula, it gently cleanses, leaving a pleasant sensation of softness.
The Buffalo Milk Cleanser is rich in lactobionic acid, which preserves the balance of the skin and protects it from external factors. It also contains Badassau oil to preserve the daily well-being of the skin and extracts of Garcina Mangostana and Aloe Vera, essential for preventing irritation caused by external agents.

FACE CREAM WITH BUFFALO MILK is a cream designed for the care of particularly dry and dehydrated skin.
Thanks to the moisturizing power of lactobionic acid present in buffalo milk, it is able to preserve the skin's moisture level and make the skin more silky, radiant and smooth. Lactobionic acid acts as a shield against the damage of air pollution. In addition, it contains hyaluronic acid and extracts of Garcina Mangostana and Maritime Pine that fight oxidation by slowing down skin aging.

LIP BALM WITH BUFFALO MILK is the ideal solution in the winter season for dry, chapped and cold-weathered lips. Thanks to its formula rich in buffalo milk and highly nourishing active ingredients, this lip balm gives deep hydration and immediate relief to even the driest and most chapped lips.
Its comfortable texture softens the lips, while the lactobionic acid protects them from environmental stresses, creating a constant hydration filter. To make this product indispensable for perfect winter skincare there is also the SPF10 protection factor from UVA rays.

Article by Roberta Riccioni

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