Hand hygiene and care

Hand hygiene has always been a fundamental gesture to take better care of us and today more than ever it has become one of the most powerful and effective "weapons" to fight the Coronavirus and to protect ourselves, our health and the people around us.

Frequent and careful washing is essential to avoid bringing to the nose, eyes and mouth bacteria and viruses on our hands (a study estimated that we touch our face 23 times every hour!) but it is equally true that excessive cleansing or the use of aggressive products can have unpleasant effects on the skin.

Here are 4 useful tips to protect ourselves and our hands.

  1. Cleanse carefully

Cleansing must be accurate and delicate . The best choice is always to use water, better if lukewarm, and the use of delicate detergents that preserve the physiological PH of the skin.

2. Delicately sanitize

When you are away from home and therefore it's not possible to use water, hand cleansing can be done with a alcohol-based solution , better known as hand sanitizer .

Alcohol (generally at least 60%) thoroughly sanitizes but dries and dehydrates the skin, so the choice should fall back on a cleanser that also contains emollient, soothing and moisturizing active ingredients , such as aloe vera.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

To maintain the skin's hydro-lipid barrier in excellent condition, it is necessary to moisturize the skin of the hands, especially after having cleansed them . A good hand cream , applied several times a day, guarantees the right hydration .

4. Make a wrap to always have soft and velvety hands

For extra hydration the last beauty tip is to perform a wrap , perhaps in the evening when you have some more time available. Just spread a veil of moisturizing cream on both hands, cover them with gloves (preferably in cotton) and leave on for a couple of hours letting the product absorption. This will result in a soft and silky skin for a long time.

To constantly maintain this healthy daily routine, it is of course important to choose the right products.

Amenities @ Home has studied beONE HYGIENIC , a complete, essential and effective line to feel safe and to always have hands on top.

It consists in:

  • sanitizing gel , with 60% alcohol to ensure deep and safe protection and with aloe vera and essential oils of lemon, sage and thyme to leave the skin pleasantly fresh, soft and naturally scented

  • sanitizing wipes for hands, easy to carry with yourself everywhere you go. They contain 70% pure alcohol and are therefore ideal for guaranteeing hygiene and deep protection of hands and objects in a quick and safe way. Thanks to the aloe vera and glycerin contained within them, they are also delicate on the hands and guarantee soft and nourished skin with each use.

  • moisturizing cream based on aloe vera, naturally nourishing and protective, which gives an immediate and pleasant sensation of relief, leaving the skin soft and velvety.

To keep up with the times and never be caught unprepared, Amenities @ Home also offers a practical and very useful travel beauty kit, complete of the products of the beONE Hygienic line (sanitizer and cream) with the addition of a surgical mask and a pair of disposable gloves.

Article by Roberta Riccioni - ph Massimo Tramontana

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