November, here we go. Winter is almost upon us.

This is the time of the year in which we rediscover some of that homely intimacy that we had put aside in the summer season and suddenly the ideal afternoon includes hot herbal tea, comfortable sweaters and a burning fireplace.

With winter and cold, however, for many of us, one usual annoying problem is also accentuated: dry skin .

In this period of the year, more than in others, the skin of the body, hands and face appears dull and we often have the sensation that it's pulling and cracking .

As a consequence wrinkles are accentuated and our face suddenly appears aged, hands become chapped and even the skin of the body becomes rough and takes on a more greyish color.

We need to do something!

A healthy lifestyle is essential for a glowing skin: drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and exercise helps to hydrate and purify the body (and therefore also the skin) by eliminating waste and toxins, enemies of a healthy complexion.

However, it is essential to develop an ad hoc skincare routine.

To fight dry skin just start with small precautions: we always favor natural products, which treat without attacking our skin already made delicate by the cold.

Shea butter, olive oil and aloe vera are the perfect allies to take care of our body in a complete and natural way.

Perfect for face care is the ultra-regenerating night mask GERARD'S SLEEPY MOOD - Amenities @ Home

The OLIVA' line - Amenities @ Home is a line dedicated to the most sensitive skin of the hands and body, based on the nutrients and emollients naturally contained in olive oil.

beONE HYGIENIC - Amenities @ Home is the specific line dedicated to the hygiene and hydration of our hands, a real must have in this historical period of such profound stress for this part of the body.

Article by Roberta Riccioni

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